Saturday, January 17, 2009


So there has been drama on the oogle thread as of late, so much that it has been shut down. I am somewhat new to posting there, but I have been lurking for quite some time now and I think the recent actions taken by a certain moderator has been rather uncalled for, so I wrote her an appeal.


I fully understand your position on these boards, you wish to keep it clean and for all ages. Though with as many users as this sight has attracted, different groups of friends have formed because we are attracted to the way we interact with one another. If we wanted to post on the other "banter" threads we would be, but the ooglers can relate to one another as one cohesive group. Forcing us upon the other threads such as the "New new flirting thread" will only cause tension, as it appears already to be happening. Ooglers tend to be younger than the Flirters, and honestly, do you want us posting in your thread? With as heavily used as the two threads are, wouldn't it make the vast majority happier if we spread out?

Concerning the nudity posted, just delete the post. Of course it is wrong that they tried to bury the picture with posts, but has this really been a problem as of late? No underage users have posted bra or nude pics of themselves. I feel as if you have some vendetta against the ooglers, especially since it was a new user that posted the nudity, and the veterans promptly asked her to edit her post. The topic of "oogling" as we refer to it is still relevant considering it attracts new users do post daily, so it is not a purely "banter" thread.

I guess I find it unfair that you promptly delete any thread that a veteran oogler begins because it attracts similar users. Eternal_Junkie posted a very thoughtful and accurate topic that rings true for many users. Dismissing it as another Oogle thread is a little presumptuous. I personally find it fascinating and wonderful that I have found so many users like myself from around the world, and after all, isn't that what this site tries to promote?

Overall I simply ask that you re-consider your decision and let us have a thread. Even if it has to be a new one, we can clearly mark rules in the original post, which appears at the top of every page as a reminder. Please re-consider.


Harpy's response:

There are a few things to consider with the thread and some comments I wanted to make in response to your PM.

First, the flirting thread isn't my thread. I rarely post in there. In fact, I rarely post anywhere for that very reason. People shouldn't get the impression that I have one thread I favor over another.

I can't just delete a nudity post and act like it never happened. There was a warning the day before about them. That's the second warning with regard to nudity in a thread. I've NEVER had to warn anyone else in over 6 years moderating not to post nude pictures. Never.

The thing is, no one in the thread notified me and asked me to remove it. Instead they chose to be childish and try to hide it. If I had received a PM then I most likely would not have closed the thread. I have no idea why no one chose to do the right thing. I have to read all of the posts in that thread, no matter how many times you guys posted I wasn't going to miss the picture.
I have no vendetta against the Ooglers. It's a thread just like any other. It is annoying to have to read so many one-line posts and hundreds of posts a day in that thread -- but that's what I do. It's not up to me to tell you what you can and cannot discuss here if it falls within the rules. The team bra thing really is toeing the line though and most likely that will have to cease completely since it is obviously causing problems.

I will probably open the thread up again in a week or so, but for now it will remain closed. Sorry.

Ummmm contradiction much? Am I the only one that read "I dont have anything against ooglers but I hate reading your thread?"

I say quit being so lazy and do your fucking job.

peer pressure and palm trees

I like to think of myself somewhat impervious to peer pressure, but I've succumbed to this whole blogging thing. I don't really know where this is going to take me, I guess I'll just start out random. I have an unhealthy obsession with palm trees. I paint them, draw them, sculpt them, glaze them, photograph them, they are on my dinner plates, flip flops, pillows, and jewelry. Well, I used to have a necklace with a palm tree on it, but sadly it was lost while camping last summer. I cried a little. I don't really understand my obsession, but palm trees make me happy. I was once offered a job in a crafting store because an emlpoyee saw me fashion a palm tree out of a bamboo pole and a fern. She was impressed.

My other obsession centers around the wonder that is I am continually baffled by the social network created amongst its users, and I must say, you ladies are wonderful. Thanks for the distraction from reality.

I know this is a rather dull post to start with, I'll come up with something more interesting in the near future.